I’m a Hungarian linguist with a quantitative focus. I’m interested in learning and change in cultural systems. Take words: how people learn them, how they change, and how they affect each other all have inescapable ramifications for language, culture, and cognition, and what it ultimately means to be human in a vast, uncaring cosmos.

I use both high resolution methods (like lab experiments) and low resolution ones (like corpus linguistics and cross-cultural data). The truth is probably somewhere in between, we just have to keep looking.

  • I run experiments to find out how we learn language in a variety of settings, including some uncommon ones.
  • I use webcorpora and ethnographic data to analyse variation and change in cultural systems, including work with anthropologist and linguist colleagues on smaller communities in Africa and Australia.
  • I also have a handful of data piping and visualising things up on github.

I work at the Cognitive Development Center at the Central European University, looking at rule and pattern learning with pre-verbal infants. Hence the stuffed animals. I have worked on language evolution in Fiona Jordan‘s EXCD lab in Bristol, and on the social and personal history of words in Janet Pierrehumbert and Jennifer Hay’s Wordovators project in New Zealand.

This site has an up-to-date list of publications and links to me everywhere else, including my Cv and Résumé.